Inne Eysermans

Born April 22, 1988
Currently lives and works in Antwerpen, Belgium l l l


European Postgraduate in Arts in Sound (EPAS), Gent (BE), 2018
School of Arts / Conservatory Gent, Master of Music in Music Production, 2012


Inne Eysermans has been active as a musician since 2008. She founded the band Amatorski in which she’s a songwriter, arranger, producer and musician. Amatorski has toured internationally, created interactive multimedia projects and the title song for the series The Missing (BBC, Starz, VRT). The band also worked with Julia Holter and Hiele among others.

In the meantime, Inne started focusing on composition in sound and music, experimental approaches to text and storytelling, the practice of listening and ecoacoustics. She employs a diverse range of techniques, including synthesis, (re-)sampling, field recordings, found footage, text-to-speech, objects, microcontrollers/electronics, motors, camera/projection, and scripting (interactive web applications). She has produced sound and music for film, theater, radio/podcast, and installations, where she has also contributed as an engineer and audio editor across various projects. Inne collaborated with radio producer Katharina Smets, visual artists Maika Garnica, Ode de Kort and Kato Six, writer/theater maker Josse De Pauw, among others. Under the persona Velma Spell, she collaborates with Liew Niyomkarn on experimental sound performances and audio walks. More recently, she has been exploring the sonic realm within the World Wide Web and interactive applications. Occasionally, she develops websites for others. In 2017 she joined as a lecturer in sound/music at The Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp.

'Curves and Bends, Things Veer' _ Amatorski - performance/installation, 'Something Soothing Souls' w/ Kato Six & Agata Jastrząbek Filarowska (Manifold Books, Amsterdam) & 'grounding gravity, growing stones' (Uqbar/ABA, Berlin) - performance 'North Sea' - Sonic Acts x FieldARTS (Amsterdam) _ Velma Spell - track, 'Blue', released on the compilation album 'Fictions' (Made to Measure Vol​.​47) curated by Marc Hollander (Crammed Discs), other tracks/compositions by Lucrecia Dalt, Camille Mandoki & Matias Aguayo, Christina Vantzou, Benjamin Lew, Félicia Atkinson, among others - soundtrack 'Heizel 1985' (Canvas, VRT) - performance, 'LAND' _ The Space Between - audiowalk 'La Renaissance' - Outdoor Hiking (Antwerpen) _ Velma Spell - audio constellation walk (STUK, Leuven) _ Velma Spell - sound, (tablet) webpage and script 'F'OOT T'ONES', as a part of Ode De Kort's exhibition 'A STOCK(ING) OF F'OOT N'OTES' (De Warande, Turnhout) - performance, 'SZUM' (STUK & Vooruit) _ The Space Between - performance, 'APHAR' w/ Helena Lemonnier & Liew Niyomkarn (Het Bos, Antwerpen) - soundtrack, 'Decupaje' _ film by George Sabau (EUROPALIA, Vooruit, Gent - 'FOTOGRAF' @ FORUM+ _ The Space Between - 'Qu’est-ce qu’une fugue', multi-channel installation (KASK, Gent) - performance, 'DWAALGAST' w/ Maika Garnica & Aiko Devriendt (video 'Kobalt' by Constanze Wouters) - 'Welcome' _ Amatorski - excerpt audio guide w/ Katharina Smets (Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam) - sound/music, 'Menuet', audio essay by Katharina Smets - performance, 'Waar is pappie?' (In Dreams, NONA, Mechelen) - 'The Dark Side of Thought' _ text by Maarten Inghels, video by Jana Coorevits - excerpt 'One Mississippi Two Mississippi' (Bozar) _ text-sound performance w/ Saskia De Coster - Amatorski (bandcamp)